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Get More Customers Quickly

Launch a campaign today and get your restaurant packed right away. 

Run paid ads on social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook & TikTok) that targets people within a close radius of your restaurant with solid offers and great visuals. You will notice a difference right away. 


While you have the attention of the entire community, market your most profitable menu items to get them through the door with as much revenue as possible. 

Our team consists of graphic designers and videos editors who can turn your menu item pictures/videos into enticing visual creatives that get people eager to visit & spend! 


You know how this business goes. Get the customers through the door, impress them with amazing service and amazing food, and you've won them for life. 

Get more customers through our campaigns, offer them a deal to get them through the door. Impress them with your service and food, keep them for life! 

Jeff Johnston - CEO, The Roofing Company. Granby, CO

Tim Demopoulos - Chocolate Avenue Grill, Owner 
Tim Demopoulos - Chocolate Avenue Grill, Owner
I know nothing about running marketing campaigns. For the majority of my career I have relied on word of mouth and street traffic. Pumping paid ads on Facebook and Instagram have skyrocketed our sales
The Process Of Packing Resturants
Combined we have around 20 years of restaurant ownership/management/marketing experience.  We know how to get people through the door and eager to spend. Best part about it: once you impress that customer with amazing service and food on that first visit, you've got them for life. 

Paid ads on social media have proven to be the most powerful and cost effective way to market. You can take a small amount of money and put it to use by getting in front of thousands of people within a close radius of your restaurant showcasing the best pictures/videos/visuals of the most profitable items on your menu along with calls to action to win them as a customer. 

Social media platforms knows EVERYTHING about their users. Facebook, for example, knows which people near you are always open to trying new restaurants. The know who the people in your area, or who are visiting your area, 

PPC Campaigns

Launch a PPC campaign to get in front of prospective clients who are searching for roofing contractors and general contractors in your areas on Google. Launch a campaign today to stack your sales pipeline. 

Exclusive Leads

Your leads are yours and shared with no one else. That's the bueaty of running a PPC campaigns as oposed to buying leads from Angie's List - the leads 100% belong to you. 

Inbound Leads

Leads call you! We're not passing third party leads off to you to contact, these are high-intent leads who either directly calls your or fills out a lead generation form on your landing page/website. 

Ted Demopoulos, Seneca Roofing Marketing CEO
(385) 355-5556

About Seneca Roofing Marketing
Seneca Roofing Marketing is based in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We exist to stack the sales pipelines of roofing contractors and general contractors all over the country by generating high-intent inbound lead their way. 

We're a small team of 8 and growing. Our passion is to help roofing contractors and general contractors scale their business by helping them acquire high-intent leads. 

Drive leads, don't buy them from third party lead generation services. Hire Seneca Roofing Marketing to set up and manage an effective PPC campaign and drive leads today. 
Drive High-Intent Leads
Leads call you directly. Our team sets up and manages PPC campaigns that gets your roofing business in front of people who are actively searching on Google for roofing contractors in your area. 

These are leads that need your services right now. Easy to close! 
Increase Your Conversions
Run campaigns that focus both on "Call-Only" (where you get in-front of people looking for roofing contractors on their phone so that they can click-to-call directly) and "Lead Generation" campaigns where people fill out a lead form/schedule an estimate on custom landing pages that we will build out for you. 

Get in-front of prospects right in the moment that they are searching for your services to maximize conversions. 
Get More Clients
Generating leads on a daily basis will stack your sales pipeline, which gives your more opportunities to close and win new clients. Our team will set up and manage your PPC campaigns to deliver inbound leads on a daily basis. 

Generate high-intent leads daily to scale your business! 
Jeff Johnston, CEO
The Roofing Company 
Granby, CO 
Seneca Roofing Marketing has been an incredible team to work with. They've played a key role in our company's business development strategies by helping us consistently acquire new clients. The return has far exceeded the investment and we look forward to working with Ted and his team for some time to come. 

350 E 400 S Salt Lake City, Utah
(385) 355-5556

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